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Good place for shopping in Songdo, Incheon -'NC CUBE CANAL WALK'

Good place for shopping in Songdo, Incheon


The newest shopping mall in Incheon

NC Cube Canal Walk Mall is very unique. It has many buildings connected to one another and between them is a fountain like a small canal. 
This mall is not just for shopping but also for taking a walk.
(You can also visit Songdo central park across NC cube.)
So, I think this mall is very useful for people living in or near Songdo.
When you visit Songdo city, how about visiting this mall?

This is the post that Jay translated another Korean blogger's post.
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There are 4 blocks representing Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
and you can walk through them.

So, it was not boring to walk and I could feel Spring.
NC cube canal walk.. was very good to walk around.

I saw this place on the famous TV show named Running men.
In the show, people were playing a kind of game with balloons there.

This beautiful street makes me want to walk.

To exaggerate, if the sun had been brighter, I think I could have felt like I was in Santa Monica, California.

I thought this place would be more beautiful at night with lights.

There were so many stores but I could find what I wanted to buy.

I think this shopping mall is good for just walking around and drinking coffee at the cafe you like.

I was walking around there eating Chinese bread called Gongalpang(공갈빵) that I bought in front of the Chinese restaurant named Lucky China.
The weather was still chilly but I could feel that the Spring has come closer.

I had visited Songdo in 2010 riding on my bike
and compared to that time, the city was more organized 
but still, this city was not active.

Address인천 연수구 송도동 17-1 커넬워크

 <Korean pop singer CNBLUE shot a commercial film at NC Cube> 

<Korean pop singer CNBLUE shot a commercial film at NC Cube> 

Jay's opinion!

"Good to have a peaceful time."

Ratings: ★★

If you didn't expect anything, this place would look wonderful.
But if you expect too much, you will be disappointed.
The malls and street are good. 
And you can also visit Songdo Central Park.
But if your goal is just shopping, then I recommend you to go to other malls.
This mall is good to have a peaceful time drinking a cup of tea and taking a walk.

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