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A good Mexican restaurant in Incheon "Taco Cielo" (Guwol-dong, Korea)

A good Mexican restaurant in Guwol-dong 

"Taco Cielo"

the best Mexican food in Incheon

It's not easy to find Mexican restaurant in Incheon. Actually there are a few Mexican restaurants, Tacobell in E-mart Yeonsu branch, Taco Cielo in Guwol-dong, Dosmas near Inha University, and famous family restaurants like TGIF, VIPS, Outback...
But the best Mexican restaurant in Incheon is "Taco Cielo". It's located in Guwol-dong(a main down town in Incheon), so it's easy to get there and close from other facilities.

This restaurant is on the 6th floor or 7th floor of MANGOSIX(cafeteria) building
You can see the sign of <taco Cielo>
This place is always crowded with foreigners!

You can get discount from Monday to Thursday

I don't like Burrito because I hate beans.
Chicken taco is recommended here, which contains Coriander
I ordered beef taco and it was a right choice
Quesadilla here contains more stuff than Tacobell's
It's delicious~! But I think some Koreans don't prefer chicken because of its spice~

Chimichanga is a fried Burrito
Double Decker has both soft shell and hard shell
I also had Fajita Wrap, which is like Chop Steak
I wanna eat Tostadas too~

I'm really crazy about fried potato
and Chili Cheese here is amazing... you should try it
I assume that Kimchi-pork is like BATOS's, I'm gonna try it next time

I took a picture of Menu for next visit

Mexican beer <Corona>

Taco Quesadilla and Chili fried potato


Quite rich quesadillas
it make my hand shake because it's so good

Personally, I prefer beef to chicken

Chili Cheese fried potato
really awesome!!

Sour sauce, Chili sauce and red beans....0_0
potato is not just normal one, batter was also good!

It has two kinds of beans, small one and big one!
I know they are canned goods, but it was great!!

Beef taco

They also gave me chips when I visited again
but why...?

Cheddar cheese, green peppers, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream

with salsa sauce

Steak Fajita wrap

onions, corn, steak, cheese...etc

The Steak inside was also good ~

I love Taco Cielo!!
You can find Tacobell 10 min away but  Taco Ciell is much better

<Google map>

<You can see "Taco Cielo" on 6th floor>

"Just writing about Mexican food,which is my favorite, makes me too hungry..."

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